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The Celeste Experiment - Editorial Reviews

"The Celeste Experiment was unlike any book I have ever read. I felt like I was peeling back the layers of the story with every page ... Omar Imady writes in such a beautiful way, and I was captivated from the very first moment. From his descriptions of the lush, lonely English countryside to the flavors and aromas of the rich Indian dishes, his words have the ability to immerse the reader into any setting." -- Literary Titan

"There are passages of great tenderness and Imady brilliantly captures the intimacy of a couple in love and the desperation felt when illness rips them apart." -- IndieReader

"An engaging, meditative, globe-trotting tale that ultimately reinforces the presence of spiritual forces. "-- Kirkus 

"Readers seeking reflective literary works that delve into matters of love connection and spiritual exploration will find The Celeste Experiment a powerfully-rendered saga. Will linger in the mind long after the reading." -- Midwest Book Review

"This provocative tale is searching, skeptical, and surprisingly emotional. Imady is interested in belief, in what people get out of it, and in what is missing."  -- Publishers Weekly

"The surprise ending is gratifying, and Hamida dignifies humanity as a beautiful, inspiring heroine." --  The US Review -

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