I. Fiction & Poetry

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II. Syrian History, Politics & Economy


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Media Appearances

1 - TV

2018. Interview. In: France24, Mar 15.

2018. Interview. In: France24, Mar 12.

2018. Interview. In: France24, Feb 19.

2018. Interview. In: EuroNews, Feb 22.

2017, Interview. In: TRT, Dec 22.

2017. Interview. In: TRT, Aug 25.

2017. Interview. In: TRT, Mar 16.

2017. Interview. In: TRT, Feb 14.

2016. Interview. In: TRT, Dec 15.

2016. Interview. In: DW, Dec 14.

2016. Interview. In: Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC), Jan 29.

2 - Radio

Regular interviews on BBC Scotland

2016. Interview. In: Good Morning With ..., BBC Scotland, Dec 4.