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I. Fiction & Poetry​​

The Celeste Experiment.


When Her Hand Move.

The Gospel of Damascus: The Golden Scrolls (Fourth Edition).


A Child of Waiting.

Media  ​

Curiosity Invited hosted by David Bryan Episode 20 Pt. 1 - Omar Imady & Noel Hagman

Curiosity Invited hosted by David Bryan Episode 20 Pt. 2 - Omar Imady & Noel Hagman

When Her Hand Moves by Omar Imady. Official full-length trailer.

II. Spiritualty

When you’re shoved from the right, look to your left: Metaphors of Islamic Humanism.

Rasa'il al-Bashir (Letter to a Disciple.

III. Syrian History, Politics & Economy


Coauthored Books

Coedited Books

Chapters in Books

Articles in Syria Studies

Prefaces to Syria Studies:

Online Posts

UN Reports

Articles in Journals & Magazines

  • Can the inaction of the UN in Syria have a negative impact on the existing liberal world order?

  • Principles and products of Islamic finance.

  • Sanduq: A microfinance innovation in Jabal Al-Hoss.

  • Al-Tanmiyyah al-Rifiyyah wa Mabadi’ al-Taghiyyir. (Rural Development & Principles of Change). 

Books Reviews:


Media Appearances

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