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Erasures - Advanced Editorial Reviews

Author Omar Imady has deftly designed a world in the not-too-distant future which proves both frightening yet spellbinding. This is an exceptional novel on par with previous dystopian classics written by Orwell and Huxley.

Los Angeles Book Review

Imady’s speculative tale, which recalls and pays tribute to classic SF works such as Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels, strikes a happy balance between worldbuilding and world-destroying. Throughout, readers are immersed in a rich, robust fictional atmosphere with characters who question aspects of both tradition and progress. Futuristic elements throughout the text effectively create an intriguing utopian backdrop for an engrossing mystery.

An immersive after-the-end story that tackles the challenges of modern society as it examines the role of the written word.


Imady's Erasures stands out as a compelling fusion of mystery and introspection, weaving a narrative that captivates with its originality and depth. The book challenges conventional genre boundaries, making it a refreshing read for those seeking something beyond the ordinary.

Literary Titan - GOLD AWARD 

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