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"Imady’s speculative tale, which recalls and pays tribute to classic SF works such as Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels, strikes a happy balance between worldbuilding and world-destroying." -

Omar Imady is an uncommon collection of many things – Syrian, American, exile, javaphile, gastronome, and aerophobe – all of which find expression in his growing repertoire of eclectic fiction. He is the author of multiple books, including Erasures (Literary Titan Gold Award), Catfishing Caitlyn, The Celest Experiment (both recipients of the Literary Titan Silver Award), Transference (nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Litro Magazine), When Her Hand Moves, a collection of three controversial, thought-provoking novellas, and The Gospel of Damascus, a 2012 Book of the Year Award finalist. His forthcoming novels dig ever deeper into the human experience of alienation and the quest for meaning in a world increasingly hostile to answers.

Born in Damascus to an American mother and Syrian father, Omar grew up in a world of constant and vibrant contrasts. Omar has lived in America, the Middle East, and now resides in the UK in the company of his cat, Sabrina. He loves to walk in remote and unexplored places, traveling by trains and boats (he does everything he can to avoid planes!), and is addicted to genealogy research. He writes daily as he listens to jazz and overdoses on coffee.  


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