Updated: May 7

The Interim Evaluation Mission was composed of Mr Frank Butcher , Mission Leader and Institutions Specialist; Dr Mouna Hashem, Sociologist and Gender Specialist; Mr Swithun Goodbody , Natural Resources Management Specialist; Mr Omar Imady, Credit Specialist; Mr Sarath Mananwatte , Economist and Financial Analyst. Dr Mona Bishay , Deputy Director of the Office of Evaluation undertook the preparatory field mission, supervised the evaluation and led the process of presentation of the Aide Memoire in the Wrap-up Meeting. 2/ Methodological Framework for Project Evaluation (EC 2003/34/W.P.3) 3/ Hafiras are reservoirs used for livestock. 4/ Credit was not a separate component of ARMP, but was the major means of achieving project objectives. Credit activities were implemented by the Agricultural Credit Corporation (ACC), which is part of the MOA, through a subsidiary loan agreement. 5/ This was the figure for end-June 2003. 6/ The evaluation methodology followed (see Appendix 2) uses three composite evaluation criteria: project performance (composed of relevance, effectiveness and efficiency) rural poverty impact (composed of six impact domains, sustainability, innovations and gender equality) and performance of partners (including IFAD, implementing agencies, and the cooperating institution). The ratings used to assess performance using these criteria are high (4), substantial (3), modest (2) and negligible (1). For the sustainability criterion the rating used is highly likely (4), likely (3), unlikely (2) and highly unlikely (1).


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