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Erasures: A dystopian religious mystery.

Updated: Jan 9

Following a brutal seven-year war, Earth teeters on the brink of destruction. The World Congress is convened to identify the enemy: unpredictability. Deep in the subterranean corridors of Zone 4 Literature Hub, Head Archivist Ray Blankenship is tasked with digitizing humanity’s remaining books. In this new world, meticulously organized, monitored, and managed, Ray is restless. In the absence of chance, of mystery and miracles, meaning is missing.

Amid the order, Ray’s shocking discovery of disappearing digital texts quickly plunges his department, his superiors, and the entire principle of predictability into uncertainty. Soon, whole books begin to vanish. But not just any books. Only religious ones.

As the race to preserve these writings quickens, the enigma grows.

How far, how deep will these erasures go?

A dystopian mystery from award-winning author Omar Imady.

Erasures is now available for advanced pre-ordering on Amazon

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