You start singing inside me,

You don’t care if I’m on the train,
Waiting for coffee,
Praying with a child,
Confessing to the rain.
And I imagine you, 
Dressed in skin,
Anointed with lemon zest,
Airbrushed with sin.
Arriving at dusk,
In a Tarantino scene.
Glued to the ceiling,
And staring down my bed.
You shred my dream.
You simulate my falls.
You silence my screams
With a country waltz.
A Damascene trance.
A fascist invitation,
To stand and dance.
Round and round,
To sensual glass, 
To dried apricots,
Wrapped in ice.
The less I eat,
The higher the price.
To my boredom you sprinkle fear,
To my fear you sprinkle spice.
Mediterranean blue,
I walk out of my head
And I start singing with you.


Copyright 2020