And you can do anything you want.

With wooden blades

You can split me apart.

Round and round,

Until my mind caves,

And silence plays

Into your gnostic art.

And I can become anyone you want.

Lying with my head facing down,

On a leather ottoman,

In a red damask gown.

I can be Oona, Zelda,

Or your private medieval clown.

And we can go anywhere you want.

At dawn,

We can visit the courtyards

Of your favourite mosques,

Kiss the damp marble,

And pray with the rays.

At sunset,

We can visit Porthcurno,

And walk naked into the waves.

And when night arrives

Carrying the whispers of your heart,

I will pretend I fell asleep,

And you can,

You can do anything you want.


Copyright 2020