And now it seems
You come to me in sentences.
Early in our love,
You arrived as a sudden flash,
A cryptic collection of crowded words, 
Gnostic letters,
Rhythmic beams.
Now it seems,
You have less to share,
More to say.

And today,

We have breakfast in Vienna.
You speak endlessly about coffee,
As I stare at your hands.
And I know,
None of this is appropriate.
It is clear to me

I have departed 
My last residues of orthodoxy.
And it would be pointless 
To explain
That I neither fashioned these clouds,
Nor anticipated this rain.
I simply close my eyes,
And the secret of this universe
Is sitting across me
In a white dress.

Did you know,

She asks,

There was coffee

Long before there were coffee beans?

And now it seems


Copyright 2020